Oscar Predictions 2009

Wanna win your Academy Award pool? I’ve won four of the last six years, so hopefully I can lead you to victory. I’ll give you the rundown on the sure things, the toss-ups, and the dark horses that I think will pull it off. Read on to get my predictions.

Best Picture- Slumdog Millionaire is a lock. It’s swept nearly every major critic circle award. Put this one down for sure.

Best Director- Again, Danny Boyle has won just about everything. Vote for him with confidence.

Best Actor- This one is a tough one, because there are two major leading candidates, Sean Penn and Mickey Rourke. Penn is considered the favorite, despite Rourke’s Golden Globe won, and I personally would vote for Mickey Rourke– it’s a great comeback story, the movie deserves some sort of recognition… I think combine that with Penn’s recent win a couple years ago means Rourke should take it. However, if a huge upset occurs at the Oscars, it would be here, like, say, Richard Jenkins winning Best Actor.

Best Actress- This is another pretty tight race, but Winslet is overdue, and Harvey Weinstein has campaigned his butt off for The Reader. Hathaway or Streep could sneak in, but I think Winslet is a pretty good bet here.

Best Supporting Actor- Heath Ledger. This isn’t a totally safe lock, since there might be some backlash to the “he’s a sure thing” sentiment of the last half a year. Still, I wouldn’t pick anyone else when everyone in your room will have Ledger on their ballots. Don’t do your gambling here.

Best Supporting Actress- Viola Davis is a potential spoiler, but Penelope Cruz has paid her dues, she steals her film, and I would bet on her.

Best Adapted Screenplay- Slumdog Millionaire. Yeah, put this one down in pen.

Best Original Screenplay- My suspicions are Milk is going take this one. If people are jonesing to give Wall-E some extra recognition, that could be a good spoiler here. I somehow doubt however that Milk will lose all five of the major categories it is nominated for.

Best Editing- Slumdog Millionaire. Pen.

Best Cinematography- Maybe The Dark Knight could somehow steal this, but I doubt it. Slumdog Millionaire.

Best Art Direction- Again, another thing The Dark Knight could sneak in and steal, but I think this is where Benjamin Button will finally get an award. It’s a beautiful film.

Best Sound Mixing and Sound Editing- A Slumdog sweep could happen, but I actually am going to go with Wall-E for both of these. Odds are strong you’ll at least get one of these two.

Best Costume Design- The Duchess’s entire existence is only to win this Oscar. And boy oh boy does the Academy LOVE their wigs and corsets. I’d put this one in pen.

Best Score- Slumdog Millionaire. Pen.

Best Foreign Language Film- It’s between France’s The Class and Israel’s Waltz With Bashir. Perhaps Waltz Wth Bashir is too unconventional to be a safe bet, but I think it’s the best pick here.

Best Documentary- I’m voting for Man on Wire, because it’s won so many awards and it’s such a good film, but the Academy tends to prefer documentaries like Trouble the Water. Do your research…but Man on Wire really has won just about every award there is for docs, so vote with confidence.

Best Animated Feature- Kung Fu Panda won the Annie, but don’t worry, Wall-E will win this.

Best Visual Effects- Usually, this would go to an action flick, but the use of the effects in Benjamin Button in order to create the main character is really remarkable. I’d actually put this in pen.

Best Makeup- Here’s where I’ll pick an upset. I think Ben Button uses so many computer effects that it won’t get as much recognition in this category, despite being considered the favorite. I’m voting for the visionary Hellboy 2. Guillermo Del Toro’s films usually get noticed for makeup, and this one is no exception.

Best Song- I’m partial to the Wall-E song, but I’m going to try to leave my bias behind and vote for Jaiho out of the two Slumdog songs.

Best Animated Short- Presto. Always vote Pixar, especially for this one.

Best Short- Spielzugland (Toyland).

Best Documentary Short- The Witness: From the Balcony of Room 306.

~ by russellhainline on February 17, 2009.

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