Best of 2008: The Definitive List of Top Tens

Here we are: my Top Tens in the major award categories.

Best Supporting Actress:
10. Thandie Newton- W.
9. Freida Pinto- Slumdog Millionaire
8. Gabrielle Union- Cadillac Records
7. Danai Guirira- The Visitor
6. Valentina Cervi- Miracle At St. Anna
5. Penelope Cruz- Vicky Cristina Barcelona
4. Viola Davis- Doubt
3. Marisa Tomei- The Wrestler
2. Samantha Morton- Synecdoche, New York
1. Rosemarie Dewitt- Rachel Getting Married

Best Supporting Actor:
10. Jared Harris- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
9. Michael Sheen- Frost/Nixon
8. David Wenham- Australia
7. James Franco- Pineapple Express
6. Josh Brolin- Milk
5. Columbus Short- Cadillac Records
4. Philip Seymour Hoffman- Doubt
3. Brad Pitt- Burn After Reading
2. Ralph Fiennes- In Bruges
1. Eddie Marsan- Happy-Go-Lucky

Best Actress:
10. Nicole Kidman- Australia
9. Eve- Wall-E
8. Michelle Williams- Wendy and Lucy
7. Catinca Untaru- The Fall
6. Rebecca Hall- Vicky Cristina Barcelona
5. Cate Blanchett- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
4. Melissa Leo- Frozen River
3. Meryl Streep- Doubt
2. Anne Hathaway- Rachel Getting Married
1. Sally Hawkins- Happy-Go-Lucky

Best Actor:
10. Jason Segel- Forgetting Sarah Marshall
9. Lee Pace- The Fall
8. Robert Downey Jr.- Iron Man
7. Colin Farrell- In Bruges
6. Brendan Gleeson- In Bruges
5. Richard Jenkins- The Visitor
4. Philip Seymour Hoffman- Synecdoche, New York
3. Josh Brolin- W.
2. Frank Langella- Frost/Nixon
1. Mickey Rourke- The Wrestler

Best Director:
10. Tarsem- The Fall
9. Mike Leigh- Happy-Go-Lucky
8. Oliver Stone- W.
7. John Patrick Shanley- Doubt
6. Andrew Stanton- Wall-E
5. Martin McDonagh- In Bruges
4. Ron Howard- Frost/Nixon
3. Jonathan Demme- Rachel Getting Married
2. Guillermo Del Toro- Hellboy 2
1. Charlie Kaufman- Synecdoche, New York

Best Picture:
10. The Fall
9. Happy-Go-Lucky
8. Iron Man
7. Rachel Getting Married
6. Man On Wire
5. Frost/Nixon
4. Doubt
3. In Bruges
2. Synecdoche, New York
1. Wall-E

Agree? Disagree? Leave comments, and I’d be happy to debate any order or omission with you.

~ by russellhainline on February 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “Best of 2008: The Definitive List of Top Tens”

  1. There has to be a reason Ledger is not on these lists.

  2. Because Russell doesn’t like things that make other people happy.

  3. I considered putting him around 8 or 9 on the Best Supporting Actor list. He just barely missed the cut. I think it was a great performance in a year when Best Supporting Actor is really strong. The majority of the characters on that list I would love to see an entire film about.

  4. Thank you, Russell, for seeming to love Happy-Go-Lucky as much as I did! I keep trying to get people to see it!

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