Examiner.com’s Newest Critic: Yours Truly


Yes, this is my first paying gig writing movie reviews/articles. That does mean several of my reviews will likely be posted there first and then re-posted here with a link attached, since this gig pays on how many hits I can generate for their site. The Examiner makes it a point to emphasize that it’s a news media outlet, NOT a blog, so any bloggish entries will all come here exclusively. Still, I’ll be posting links to The Examiner here, and if you’d do me a solid and click on them often, I’d appreciate it. The more clicks I get, the more money I get, the better I can support myself, and the more reviews I can write. 🙂 So bookmark the above site, people. I’m gonna start posting any movie tidbit I can get my hot little hands on.

~ by russellhainline on June 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Examiner.com’s Newest Critic: Yours Truly”

  1. Do you want support from people through links and praise?

    • Sure? LOL Mostly I just want folks to know that site exists. I’ll be updating it daily with various film news, and the more often folks click on it, the more money I get. Everyone can hate the new site if they want, as long as they click on it, lol. I’ll still be posting all reviews and lists and Netflix recommendations here.

  2. the link doesn’t work

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