The 2012 Golden Globe Nominations: The Ten Biggest Snubs

As I’ve written on this site before, it’s impossible to get too excited about the Golden Globes. The HFPA usually like nominating celebrities to come to their shindig, which is how The Tourist (an awful film) got a Best Comedy nomination last year. Still, the Golden Globes are integral in thrusting many of these performers and films into the awards spotlight, which does play some role in determine who our Oscar nominations will be. I thought this year’s Golden Globe nominations weren’t as odious as last year’s– Best Comedy is loads better– but there were still the following massive snubs.

10. Gary Oldman in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

While the Best Actors in a Comedy category was delightfully stacked with pleasant surprises like Brendan Gleeson in The Guard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 50/50 (I could’ve SWORN Johnny Depp, whom the HFPA loves, would’ve snuck himself in here for no reason), Gary Oldman, and the film Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy in general, was shut out. Oldman gives perhaps his best performance ever in it, but it’s not “showy” enough for the HFPA, and he’s not as big a name as Ryan Gosling, so they chose the bigger name. Which makes the next omission extra baffling…

9. Ryan Gosling in Drive

The Ides of March has zero chance of getting acting nominations come Oscar ballot time. Zero. Absolutely none. The HFPA loves them some Clooney, and The Ides of March is stacked with great celebrity names, so it’s easy to see why they were attracted to it (not to mention it is, in my opinion, a very well-made movie). But if Ryan Gosling is already coming to your ceremony, and you want to nominate him in a comedy and drama category, why not give some attention to Drive, which had been pushing its hat into the ring fairly capably. Now, after the Albert Brooks snub at the SAG awards and thee everything-but-Albert-Brooks snub at the Globes, its Oscar chances, and Gosling’s especially, are pretty close to dead.

8. Tree of Life for Best Drama

I didn’t think Tree of Life was perfect, but it has some truly stunning sequences, and about an hour of it is among the best work of the year. It’s been cleaning up critics awards, and it seemed like, with names like Brad Pitt and Sean Penn attached, it had a decent chance at sneaking onto this list and solidifying its Oscar nom for Best Picture. Not so– the film was completely shut out. It’s not that surprising that a film like War Horse, which is sentimental and done by film darling Steven Spielberg, gets a nomination over Tree of Life. Still, one hopes that art will persevere despite the history of the opposite with the Globes.

7. Elizabeth Olsen in Martha Marcy May Marlene

She was all the rage early in the season, but with the emergence of Academy favorites Glenn Close and Meryl Streep locking in their nominations for movies that nobody cares about and that no one will remember six months from now, Olsen’s chances of scoring a Jennifer Lawrence-esque nomination are all but destroyed. She was the primary reason the movie had the great critical success it had, giving a pretty chilling performance and a stunning debut. Rooney Mara and Tilda Swinton making the list adds hope for eventual Oscar justice… but Olsen will have to wait for a different year.

6. Kevin Spacey in Margin Call

The supporting actor category is always stacked, and this year is no exception. Viggo Mortensen slipping in is a surprise (haven’t seen the film yet, but it’s gotten no acting award buzz to date, really), and Jonah Hill is mostly getting in due to love for Moneyball in general, not due to strength of performance. Some will cry foul that Nick Nolte didn’t make this list for Warrior, though his SAG nomination still gives him a shot at Oscar. However, Kevin Spacey, who by all accounts is a bigger name than at least half of the category and should’ve gotten a boost from the star-hungry HFPA, gives his best performance in a long time in Margin Call. It’s complex, heartbreaking work, but his Oscar chances have absolutely flatlined, and the film on a whole has close to no chance at any Academy Award recognition.

5. Nicolas Winding Refn for Drive

Although I liked Ides of March, and I like George Clooney as a director in general, there’s no reason for him to be on the Best Director list. Tree of Life’s snub is pretty egregious as well, but Drive would have been an average genre exercise in anyone’s hands other than Refn. His work is alternately visceral and subtle, and there’s not a single misstep in the look and feel of Drive from beginning to end. It’s exciting, ambitious filmmaking– gutsy as hell. Every ounce of credit for Drive must go to Refn, and I’m really hoping that even if its Best Pic chances are dead, Refn can sneak in for Director… the Globe snub doesn’t help matters though.

4. No Original Song from The Muppets

It’s hard to be too upset about this. The Best Song choices are always a joke at the Globes, as they only choose songs sung by celebrities. This year, we have Elton John, Madonna, Mary J. Blige, Sinead O’Connor, and Chris Cornell. Mark this down in Sharpie: there is no chance Madonna gets an Oscar nomination this year. I bet even Chris Cornell woke up this morning thinking, “What?” The Muppets are bigger in America than they are overseas, and it will get its share of Academy love. Think about this– last year, the winner in this category was Cher from the absymal film Burlesque. When the Academy Award noms came out, Cher was nowhere to be found.

3. Michael Shannon in Take Shelter

This, personally, is the biggest snub. Logically, he doesn’t have more than a puncher’s chance at an Oscar nomination anyway, so I shouldn’t be so caught off guard. However, Michael Shannon without question gives the best performance I’ve seen all year in Take Shelter, a movie you should absolutely hunt down and see if you haven’t. The glitz and glamour of people like Pitt and Clooney make them obvious sexy Oscar picks, but if Academy Awards were given not based on anything other than the performance itself, Shannon would be walking up to the podium come this spring to accept a golden statue.

2. Andy Serkis in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

It’s about time Serkis receives Academy recognition for his astonishing body of motion-capture work. He should’ve been nominated for his work as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and he should be nominated here, for being what is essentially the star of the summer’s most well-executed offering. It could have so easily been a silly brainless prequel, but Serkis elevates it into something more with his thoughtful, physical, honest performance as Caesar (he also does great work this year as Captain Haddock in Tintin). Eventually, a motion-capture performer WILL be nominated for an Oscar. This would be the perfect time to do it, but the Globes didn’t help him out.

1. Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids

This is pretty stunning, considering the love Bridesmaids got elsewhere in the category. She is almost certainly a lock for an Oscar nomination, but more surprising than that, she actually stands a terrific chance at winning– for an R-rated comedy! I can’t remember a woman winning a Supporting Actress award for a comedy in recent memory. It’s a brave charismatic performance, the standout in a terrific ensemble, and in terms of garnering attention from voting bodies, her Emmy acceptance speech was gracious and charming, making her an ideal person to send to any podium– funny, grateful, well-liked, the whole package. To give so much to Bridesmaids but snub the best part of the film is shocking.

~ by russellhainline on December 15, 2011.

4 Responses to “The 2012 Golden Globe Nominations: The Ten Biggest Snubs”

  1. […] snooty, so if Tree of Life was to get any Oscar heat, this would be the place to pick it up. But it walked away shut out, which is probably how things are going to go when Oscar nominations come […]

  2. Devastated about the WAR HORSE inclusion. Seriously. Wait until you see it. This, overall, is better than the SGA, and I think it makes some of the categories pretty clear. Still some head scratchers, though.

  3. The debt failed with what it was trying to accomplish according to most critics,although nothing in Maddens resume(the silly and mediocre Shakespeare in love beat Saving Private Ryan,sure.What else has he done?)says he was aiming for masterpiece.It´s silly to give movies identities and state what it tried to be and be so sure of the directors amition.If he was going for smart,very wellacted tension,he was right on.7.0 at IMDB doesn´t impress but that is the same grade as the ever so cherished War horse and A dangerous method.Snubbed of best supporting actor,Christensens performance is still in my mind. Best ensemble noms were also in order.Gleeson does have a chance at an oscarnom but it breaks my heart to state that his 3d Globenom probably won´t earn him an oscarnom.Although this year,we have 7 actors competing for 3 spots.Dujardin and very sadly,Clooney(Who AGAIN,is just portraying Clooney!!GOD!)are the locks.Oldman has a chance,Pitt, Fassbender, Gordon-Levitt,Gleeson,Shannon and Gosling fight over the remaining 3 .Bridesmaids(ALSO 7.0)getting a best screenplaynom at the Globes is bizarre.Very funny film but what is the exact difference between women crapping in sinks and throwing up on eachother and the Hangover? Only that it´s new.A male hangover.Sisters are doing it for themselves,Wiig is a marvel but I am shocked that it will get an original screenplaynom,one I hope isn´t stolen from The Guard.PS.In Drive,Gosling looks like my neighbor but has a toothpick,a cobra kai jacket,takes out the entire mob,takes 30 seconds to replie to a question and behaves like a retard and comes across as way more mysterious then the script allows.Ides of March will very sadly get a few noms,here is Goslings compensation,on the cost of good actors.It was a 7 out of 10 but doesnt deserve the best pic nom it´s getting.Still,don´t sum things up yet.We have several critics associations with opinions and several exceptions where Globes and Sag don´t play in. Bello got both,Agdashloo none but the latter still got the nom is just one exception. The girl with the dragon Tattoo,Carnage and Tinker,tailor will benefit from coming out so late. Goooo The Guard.

    • The difference between Bridesmaids and The Hangover 2 is that Bridesmaids has heart and wit. The Hangover 2 is mean and facile.

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